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"she • they" Pronoun Ribbons

"she • they" Pronoun Ribbons

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Pronoun badge ribbons help attendees identify people's pronouns and raise awareness of the challenges that face transgender and nonbinary persons.

When you’re the only person who needs to communicate your pronouns, it can be uncomfortable. By encouraging broad adoption of pronoun ribbons, you help create an environment where that kind of conversation is conventional.

Ribbons per Pack Options

  • 1250 "she • they" (only) Pronoun Badge Ribbons - Bulk Box
  • 100 "she • they" (only) Pronoun Badge Ribbons - Pack
  • Pronoun Sample Pack (2 of each pronoun ribbon)

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Our Pronoun Badge Ribbons are printed with easy-to-read black text, using a dyslexic-friendly font (Encode Sans), on an eye-catching, gender-neutral, bright green fabric.

  • 4.0″ wide x 1.1″ tall (visible after attached)
  • 4.0″ wide x 1.6″ tall (unattached)
  • front facing adhesive strip

Larger quantities of pronoun ribbons can be obtained directly from our supplier, Marco Promotional Products. Simply search for pronouns. You can also download font and image files from our website.


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