Collection: Pronoun Ribbons

Badge ribbons are a great way for attendees to show their pride or support for the community as well as the mission of Tabletop Gaymers! Our pronoun badge ribbons (as well as our GAYMER and ALLY badge ribbons) are distributed FOR FREE to individual attendees at the conventions we attend. Our Pride Flag Badge Ribbons are available for a small donation.

  • 4.0″ wide x 1.1″ tall (visible after attached)
  • 4.0″ wide x 1.6″ tall (unattached)
  • front facing adhesive strip

Sample Packs include a few ribbons in each category. These are intended for individuals looking to show their pride or support.

Pick Packs include 100 ribbons. These are intended for individuals and our corporate partners to distribute at their booths and events. Display tray included for every 4 packs (400 ribbons).

Bulk Boxes include 1,000 ribbons of one specific ribbon type. These are intended for event organizers wishing to use our ribbons at their events. Trays are not included.