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(see Pride Flag Ribbons for more)

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Pride Flag Badge Ribbon (price for 2)

Gray-asexual, also known as gray-sexual or gray-ace, is an asexual identity characterized as being "in between" asexual and allosexual; that is, being asexual while also able to experience, or have experienced previously, sexual attraction. People who identify as gray-asexual may experience sexual attraction that is uncommon for the individual, may only be directed toward specific people, occurs infrequently, at low intensity, or in an ambiguous way. The term is often included in the asexual spectrum. more...

Pride Flag Badge Ribbons begin to show the diversity of our community. These 4.0" x 2.0" (4.0" x 1.5" visible) badge ribbons are full-color, dye sublimation printed on a smooth polyester satin material.

NOTE: The price shown is for TWO ribbons. If you select multiple copies, you will get double that number of ribbons. e.g. picking quantity 3 will get you 6 ribbons.

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