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Pride Flag Badge Ribbon (price for 2)

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Nonbinary, sometimes written as non-binary, is a term referring to individuals whose gender identity does not exclusively fall into the binary gender classification of "man" or "woman." Those who are nonbinary may identify with either masculinity or femininity in some capacity, both, or neither at all. Although it is a gender identity on its own, it can also be used as an umbrella term to refer to many gender identities. While non-binary is included in the transgender umbrella, not all non-binary people identify as transgender.

Pride Flag Badge Ribbons begin to show the diversity of our community. These 4.0" x 2.0" (4.0" x 1.5" visible) badge ribbons are full-color, dye sublimation printed on a smooth polyester satin material.

NOTE: The price shown is for TWO ribbons. If you select multiple copies, you will get double that number of ribbons. e.g. picking quantity 3 will get you 6 ribbons.

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